Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Not So Well Womans Journey

The Well Woman! Sadly I watched a sister being given the news that she is not such a well woman right now

Out of the blue, came a diganosis of lung cancer and  a couple of sites showing in the spine.  A huge shock for her and for those around her.

This is a woman who eats the right food, cooks and prepares all fresh food, drinks very little alcohol, never smokes and very fit through exercise, so what else does one have to do to prevent the cells from turning cancerous?

How much is emotion involved?

What is deficient in her body?

What went wrong?

The questions have been endless and of course the 'Why her' or as she herself said 'Why me?'

When you are told that the only option they have is some radiotherapy on the spine and chemotherapy to 'buy time' You have to look at every other option and resist the negativity of the words of the doctors!
They don't mean to be so negative, i'm sure, but everything that one reads says that never is it more important to keep a positive mindset to help gain health, than when your body needs to deal with this illness.

This is not a time to hear a prediction of life expectancy, after all, no one knows that and I certainly don't want my sisters body to start pre programming itself or beginning some kind of subconscious morbid count down! There is no point in that as it just puts the focus on ill health and i want to keep her focus on health.

My sister had a drain put in which has allowed the fluid to empty from the lung lining and this was an intervention she couldn't do without. It allowed her to breathe and in so doing has allowed her to start a deep breathing routine to oxygenate the body. The drain has now been removed and hopefully can remain that way

Whilst she was in hospital, they didn't stop us in helping her follow a naturapathic approach. In fact they were happy to help get the very hot water and the icy cold water needed

The routine included deep breathing in a particular way to fill the blood with as much oxygen as possible, followed by hot and cold hydrotherapy to focus the oxygented blood to where it is needed most, at the same time using hot mustard foot baths, which have been brilliant at seeing the colour instantly come back to the cheeks and for her to feel expansion in the lungs.

It is not an easy regime to follow for the amount of times a day she has to do it, but I'm proud of her that she is giving it her all as best she can right now, but i nag her to step it up a bit more.

Given my trust in CKT as a therapy, we have been using this in many ways. We used it to determine the correct foods for her to create an alkaline body and to ensure this sugar loving, anaerobic cancer doesn't get what it wants.
So a specialised/tailored diet  has been created for her along with using it to determine what supplements and dietary supports she needs

Thus my sister has me on her case, keeping her positive, focused on health, following the regime and then if that isn't enough having the cheek to get her to drink turmeric, bicarb, slippery elm, milk thistle, mistletoe,Vit C, Vit D and a plethora of supportive measures, all determined by CKT

She has the excellent support of her family who are fully engaged in getting her health back!

The hospital have allowed her to have pure oxygen to help in oxygenating the body and thus aiming for a detrimental effect on the cancer cells.

Not all cancers are oxygen hating, the majority are and thrive in low oxygen and acidic bodies. My sister's condition seems to have started when she was so anaemic that she needed a blood transfusion, and had been for sometime, a condition missed by her GP! Could this be one of the factors that let it develop?  I say one of, as cancer is complex and hides in the body, so I feel that it is the right set of circumstances that come together to allow it to develop, especially perhaps if it was as a result of a virus that the body failed to deal with properly.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential of course to life and good health, yet we compromise it in so many ways, by poor nutrition, vaccinations, antibiotics etc etc

It may be a lesson never to dismiss anaemia quite so lightly also, as does often happen for women.

It is not an easy option to engage in this approach, but all the time it is supporting the healthy cells and spoiling the party for the unhealthy cells.  There are no guarantees with anything, but at least this method focuses on health, it doesn't give the cancer any attention at all and supports the immune system.

It is very often the case that people talk of fighting cancer, but who wants to go to war with their own body. It is best ignored

We have used CKT to help treat the emotions that can screw up our bodies and to support the body in many ways, initiating the changes that are needed. We can hold emotion in our bodies that in our conscious mind would make no sense to us, and for my sister, i found her overiding emotion to be grief, and grief is very often linked to the lungs, exactly where her problem lays.

Good emotional health is crucial to good physical well being of course

Keeping positive!  crucial, but so hard for the person concerned. It is easy for those around to give the advice and keep the motivation going, but life is a lonely journey really and not one of us can even begin to know what that must feel like.

So the other night, I drew my sister a picture of her body and it's organs and we ticked all the healthy ones and all the healthy parts and in comparison there are far more healthy parts than unhealthy ones and that is what we need to focus on and especially at those dark moments at 4am when you wake and all the thoughts start zooming in, that is when you need that inner strength to turn up the positivity dial.

You see it in the face, that even when all around are sharing a joke or talking about the everyday things in life, her thoughts have gone to that dark place and that is when you have to help turn it around.

This week sees visits back to the hospital for her and i suppose they will want to talk chemotherapy.
She knows that if  this is the route she wants to try, then we can still support the body as much as possible, but it is harder for the body to cope when the chemo starts to weaken all the cells and not just the cancerous ones. Cancer cells tend to have tougher cell walls than our normal body cells, which is why the delicate cells of the hair are some of the first to go when chemo starts and hair loss follows. The healthy cells will need more support, but what ever route she ops for, the natural medicine approach thus far will have given her a good start.