Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Cancer Convention - how its progressing.

I spent the day with my colleague working on the Cancer Convention 2012 here in our home town of Cambridge. We are just under a year away and have some wonderful speakers who have agreed to come and enlighten those that attend to the work that they are carrying out on cancer.  Treatments that look to treat it without the horrific side effects of the traditional options that the majority of the populus are subjected to

These are Dr and Professors that are putting forward safe and innovative ways of treating cancer, but not only treating cancer, how we can change the body environment to not develop it in the first place or to take away the 'ideal' living conditions for cancer cells to survive.

Yesterday we spoke to some great people who want to see this convention succeed and help promote health supporting ways of treating cancer.

So much so that we are thinking of extending the conference to 2 days.

For too long people have been putting their trust in the chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then having to endure an operation if they are fit enough to cope with it.

Those of you who kindly follow my blog will know that my passion in this area has stemmed from the all too early death of my sister this year, that despite having me on her shoulder and encouraging health giving approaches to cancer treatment, still felt the enormous pressure to take the chemo route, only for that to be a major factor in hastening her death.

So what is it within the majority of people that feel it is their only option?  Perhaps if the real stats were shown, then they would think again.

It is worth knowing what is available before a problem strikes so you are not searching for a cure in a panic mode, with doctors telling you everyday you defer from there treatment, the cancer is taking a greater hold.

Well find out what is on offer and just how these ways can treat cancer more effectively than the cut/burn and poison you could be subjected to.

With cancer ever on the increase in younger people and those of us in our middle years, we have to look at what is suppressing our immune system so much that our natural killer cells are not doing their job

The increase in breast cancer and lung cancer in particular.  It can't all be down to smoking either. If that was the case then all smokers would get lung cancer and we all know people in the 80's and 90's who have smoked since they were youngsters and never develop cancer, it has to be more than just causal in that way.

What about the other suppressors to our immune system that we inflict on ourselves.

Stress is another factor, well are we really under stress any more than other generations.

I consider that there can be no higher stress level than living through a war, and never knowing whether you would be bombed, or loved ones killed or that your young children would ever see their father again, let alone trying to feed a family on meagre rations.

All within very different living conditions than we do now, and with very few people having a 'cushion' to fall back on.

So may be we need to stop blaming things and situations and start look at the living conditions that 'house' our very life.  Look at the body, start to listen to it. Work with it and not against it.

Modern medicine is more and more disinfranchised from health and from the real workings of the body.

Going back to nature and the naturopathic principles of healing have to be best and when these are applied cleverly to treatments, wonderful healing takes place.

With all our speakers, there innovative ways and approaches to cancer are showing great results, with out the side effects that are so often worse than the disease and more likely to contribute to the demise of the body.

Keep you eye on the website for further developments.

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Statin Myth

If you could come up with a drug that was deemed to be preventative, you surely are in the money!
After all you can't prove a negative!  If you take it and you didn't need it, you would never know. If you don't take it and something happens, it might have happened anyway or it might not! You won't know that either!
So what ever you take you need to know that it will do what it says and it is the right drug to help the right problem!

No one over the age of 50 can have failed to recognise the love of statins by their local GP surgeries. You get your cholesterol test and if that level shows anything above 5 or in some cases above 4, then in comes that good old fear based agenda....'You could be in danger of a heart attack if you don't get the level down, but don't worry, we can put you on statins and that will protect your heart from cholesterol'

For diabetics they like it under 3!

You might get told that your 'bad cholesterol' or LDL  is to high or your 'good cholesterol' HDL is too low etc and so you need Statins.

If you look up any basic Anatomy and Physiology book or even google it, you will see that LDL and HDL are not Cholesterol. LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)  HDL )High Density Lipoprotein   Both are protein and not cholesterol.

Has your doctor taken leave of his senses and why doesn't he know that? Well of course they do, but you need an advertising tag and so they proliferate the advertising nonsense!  But why?

I'm not sure why the ASA, advertising standards agency haven't jumped on this ages ago!

There is no such thing as good and bad cholesterol.  Cholesterol is made in your liver and you need it for the making hormones (steroidal hormones) and for making cell walls.

Hardly insignificant then and the body doesn't make things for nothing. So if you are under the belief that cholesterol is your enemy, why would the liver make something that is going to kill you?  That is not logical.

If you don't have cholesterol in the body, there is nothing to generate healthy hormones or repair and replace cell walls.  All cell walls!  Without sufficient cholesterol they become weak and allow infection and disease in.

So for those diabetics that are being told cholesterol should be 3, then that has a serious consequence. Diabetics often have a problem healing and hence have chiropody on the NHS to stop problems in the feet where cuts and infection could be serious, as circuation is affected by diabetes. So with invariably weaker cell walls due to reduced cholesterol, this is by far from a clever scenario for your average diabetic.

So far from preventing a problem, statins could be creating a bigger problem for you.

It isn't lowering cholesterol that is the issue, it is the size of the LDL particles that can be a problem

So LDL, takes cholesterol to the cells for repair and renewal, if the size of the particles are too small then they block the holes where nutrients pass through and cause a problem. you need large particles in you LDL and this keeps movement flowing.  where there is movement, there is lfe, where things get stuck, they become prone to becoming rancid and oxidising and that gives problems.
So Statins don't reduce the size of the particles in the LDL, only the type of food you eat can do that. Statins reduce the all important Cholesterol.  Just what you don't need to happen.

People are being misprescribed and mislead by what a statin will do.

We have what Dr's and advertisers like to call 'Good Cholesterol' and that is HDL. HDL transports protein away from cells. so they like to show this one as good, but the only reason it takes it away, is so that it can return it back to the liver and it can be recycled!

Why would a body have a mechanism for recycling something that is supposed to be harmful to us.

There is no logic there what so ever.

It recylces substances it knows are crucial to maintain good health and that it continually needs, so by recycling it, the body is being efficient and not wasting any of this essential substance.....Still want to take a Statin?

Well we need large particles in our LDL. That is only possible by the food you eat!  sorry folks no magic quick fix pill.

That statin could be and is showing in fact, weakening the body.

Why should you be fed a complete untruth as to what a statin does and what actually cholesterol does.

No money for any drug company in your change of dietary habits. Do you think they really care about your health?

This information is so available for people either through a good text book or via the internet. We just need to wise up on what we are being asked to take and exactly what for. Just because a Dr says so. it doesn't make it right.  Are they getting their info from the advertisers who want to sell you products based on Good Cholesterol!  The ASA should stamp on it!  No, they are being given the line by drug companies perhaps.  Or are they all hand in hand?

Don't let the medical profession treat you as an idiot and feed you nonsense., so they can rake in the bucks.

Learn about your own body and you are less likely to be mis prescribed and mislead!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Vitamin Debate Rumbles on, Now Some People are Scared to Take Them!

I see a comment from a woman who stopped taking every vitamin but the calcium. That must be because the survey showed it was ok? Look, this survey followed women who self administered and self recorded what they took, well how many did that religiously everyday or as human nature is, how many forgot for days on end to record it down and then have to guess back what they took
I have known people who agree to these surveys, completely forget for weeks and then make it up!
that unfortuntely is human nature, so if that isn't a big enough question mark over this study, what about this...
For most people to spend money on vitamins, they might first be thinking their bodies need it, that could be because of an underlying illness or problem. We don't know if these women were all perfectly healthy specimens and i doubt they all were, given the length of this survey.
They probably took only the RDA, recommended daily allowance, which as i said is really just enough to keep you alive, not make you well - 2 very different things!
Most people have not a clue what strength they can safely go to with vitamins, and would dare not exceed that RDA! Just in case!
If the RDA make expensive urine as the Dr says, what about the hormone filled urine from the contraceptive pill etc If the doctor is under the belief that these vitamins are just being urinated out of the body, then the body is getting rid of what it doesn't need and not building up causing problems, as many allopathic medicines do.

Dr's can't have the argument all ways!
Lets have proper RDA's and not these very low RDA's that will be ineffective against major problems but then allow medics and pharma to declare vitamins to be ineffective.
If vitamins were administered at true therapeutic levels, i'm sure these flawed results would be very different.
If nothing else, watch 'Food Matters - the movie' you will see just what amazing things can happen to the body when the dose is high enough to do good.
These guys were treating cancer with mega high doses of Vit C and the cancers were going, with the only side effect of a slightly mussy head and isn't that better than chemo where you will lose your hair, weight, your healthy cells, have nausea etc etc and possibly die from the effects of it, like my sister!
So if you still think that vitamins are at best useless and at worst, harmfull, follow the research of those that study them properly and not a doctor who has less than a half day training on nutrition in the UK. You wouldn't trust your dentist if he only attended 1 afternoon of his training and expect him to be an expert. 

You wouldn't even trust your car to a mechanic who attended a half days training, so why would you put your nutritional health into the hands of someone with a similar level of training.

A quick glance around a hospital will show you that health and nutrition don't share a ward! or we wouldn't have some long term patients leave hospital malnourished!
We live in a world with info at our fingertips yet we don't research the important stuff in life and blindly follow the ignorant!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lets see the actual proof that Vitamins and Supplements cause earlier deaths. Is there a coroner that found the death was due to vitamins or supplements?

This week has seen 2 major studies emerge on vitamins and supplements, odd as it follows a week of the free viewing of 'Food Matters - The movie', which looked at the benefits of high strength vitamins to the body.  The Movie was via and was worth an hour of anyones time. Scientific evidence to show just how therapeutic doses are perfect for healing the body, not a measure of RDA's too low to be of use.
You may still find a link to that video site, via Mercola
But there seems to be flaws in these studies, and no data I can see on the strength of the vitamins taken, what else was going on in the lives of those taking part. Were there underlying conditions in health that these folks thought they needed vitamin supplements. In which case higher therapeutic doses would have been needed to be of benefit. The quality of the supplement is crucial just as an inferior generic drug is not as good very often as the original patent ones!
There have been no proven deaths to vitamins reported but there are plenty that traditional medicine are cited as responsible for! The cancer industry alone is worth 10x that of the vitamin industry and I'm sure the whole pharmaceutical industry combined exceeds that 10fold and some
So if a 'scientific' study is needed on supplements, then at least make it 'scientific' and not another scaremongering version - it's a little desperate!
Vast difference in taking the RDA, which is enough to keep you 'alive' but not to restore good health where it is lacking.  Here you need more to get it to be where it should and then some! 
Should you take a Dr's advice on vitamins and supplements Well ask yourself or them in fact just how much time they spent learning about nutrition when they trained....would you visit a dentist who did a days training or less to get your teeth fixed....i doubt it, so why ask a Dr about nutrition?
Shameful, as they should know, but anyone who has ever visited someone in hospital will clearly know that good nutriton and health recovery are not bedfellows in any of the wards.

Why did the BBC have Dr Rosemary Leonard speaking on vitamins and not a nutrionist? Bias where there should be a balanced view, which is very likely not going to come from a doctor.

We are what we eat and unfortunately what we eat is so very often of poor quality and subject to many pesticides etc and our soil increasingly nutrient poor, that what we eat, may be is what we do not want to be, so supplements and vitamins are probably essential to many of us.

While organic food is more expensive and families feeling the ever increasing cost of food, we are not giving people much option to eat the best of organics, neither do supplements come cheap, but what price your health?
We would often pay anything to restore good health and with good nutrition to start with, the payout could be considerably less and the health considerably better.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Vaccinations and the Fear that Drives Parents to Them!

Yesterday I met a woman whose son i had previously treated for multiple allergies. Her son had many intolerances and the cause of which was many of his childhood vaccinations.

As soon as i treated the immune system to strengthen it for the vaccinations, his allergies started to go and he has remained clear of all but the allergy for oats, which is obviously still needed by the body.

The parents knew that the vaccines had been the cause, but when the invite for this little boy to go to the surgery for his pre school boosters came, they didn't know what to do. Firstly the mother told me that she thought she wouldn't take him, then she felt she would leave it to fate to decide and if the next letter arrived they would take him.

Well surprise surprise a second letter arrived and this little 42month old child had a booster for MMR and the 5-1 vaccine, in fact the mother wasn't too sure what he had.

But this little boys body was given 8 vaccines in one go!

When ever would a body under normal circumstances, contract, measles, mumps and rubella along with meningitis, polio, tetanus etc etc etc all in one go!

But somehow it is deemed ok to give them all in one shot.

At least it is only 2 doses of the awful adjuvants that go into vaccine to force the body into doing something with them, but that is a small price to pay! No vaccines, no adjuvants!

It is not the parents i blame here, but the enormous pressure that is put on parents to conform and the lies that are told to them about vaccines and there safety.

If they are so safe and full of wholesome ingredients, then list them and let the parents know what they are.

After all, a child is the most prescious gift you are ever given temporary care off, and yet look at what we do to our small babies and infants with all the vaccines heading there way.

If you saw your child with 8 needles going into its arm, i'm sure no parent would allow it to happen

We are probably setting up all sorts of problems for our children, as we are directed to do what the NHS/Government want, and they use the foulest of tactics...Fear!

No medicine and decision on health should be made on fear and no organisation should use fear based psychology to manipulate the populus and play on their emotions.

In this day of age where we have so many ways of gaining information, why are parents not looking at this with as much interest as they would if they were buying a car!

You buy a car, or a house or other costly purchase, you read about it, gain as much info as you can, yet it is still just an object. Yet for our children, we need to see all the arguments for and against the vaccines.

Both involve money being handed over to a large organisation, just with the vaccines we don't see it.

Time for parents to start demanding to see the information sheet that should come with the vaccines