Friday, 21 December 2012

Journalistic opinion that tells us nothing!

Just read the article written by Fergus Walsh on the BBC website concerning the judges ruling on Neon Roberts. In it he states that 'many would have little sympathy for Mrs Roberts...'

Well i really hope that it is his opinion and his only, as I'm sure Mrs Roberts has read much about the effects of radiotherapy and the damage that it can do. Any parent would be looking for all the options and trying to find the least harmful. It is such a pity that we are so backward in this country that we are still allowing the Cut, Burn and Poison method to be the 'gold standard' We are living in the dark ages and not allowing our Dr's to explore other methods that are used successfully in other places.

Instead these methods are mocked and ridiculed yet are effective without the worst of side effects, note i didn't say 'no side effects' but what the best options and least harmful may be.

First rule of medicine is 'First do no harm'

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski from Texas, has been doing some fantastic work with antineoplastons for brain tumours but this poor doctor spends so much time defending himself in court as one drug company after another hunt him down.
Yet so far no conviction is ever made as patient after patient step in to prove the effectiveness of his treatment. His problem he is one man with one patent that if his methods took off, would hit the profits of the drug companies.

He must be effective or why are these 'giants' so worried about the work of one man.

Any parent sufficiently informed of the consequences of the treatment on offer here, is of course going to want to make sure nothing else is available.
Mrs Roberts is the mother, she knows how sick her child is i'm sure and wants only what is the best for him, she doesn't happen to believe the 'party line' that radiotherapy is the best and she may well be right! How awful for her to even be in this dilemma, so I think and hope that Mr Walsh is way off public opinion and that any parent would have the utmost sympathy for her right now.

Wouldn't it be great to have seen a piece of journalism that looked at what other methods are being used and the effectiveness of them - not with the usual bias but with a true search for the truth, even if that doesn't match government diktat on cancer treatment.

When a recent risk assessment table was published on 'lifes risks'  we are as much at risk from taking the correct treatment at the correct time at the given dose as being a soldier in Afghanistan and I'm guessing not many of us are signing up for that one.

Given the news of the leaked document from GSK that shows 36 babies died after receiving the 6 in 1 vaccination many within hours and that this was covered up, is it any wonder that parents are quite rightly sceptical and long may it be if this is the result of behaving like sheep and dutifully doing what the Dr says.

Dr's know what drug companies tell them, Ministers know what drug companies tell them.....all looks a little dangerous don't you think?  Profit being the bottom line.

So I think Mrs Roberts under difficult circumstances and a forced time pressure is very brave to have tried to find another route and delay this dark age method.

Many are forced down the cut burn poison route as they are told they have to act quickly, well many tumours have probably been growing for sometime before they give symptoms and the best thing is to remember to take your time. You had the tumour long before you knew it and you are still alive, it doesn't suddenly gallop on just because you are aware of it, think the situation through and don't be forced into the only one option we all seem to get given.

I really can't believe that there are mothers out there with any sense that would be feeling 'little sympathy' for Mrs Roberts - quite the opposite i hope.

Well Mr Walsh, how about a piece on the restrictiveness of the cancer act or why our Dr's act in fear or a real tough one - what is that cover up in GSK all about.
How about a piece on where does all that money go that people run for, race for etc etc in the vain hope that a 'cure' is just around the corner...well its a mighty big corner and the monies vast but the improvement negligible and in areas, its got worse.

So how about an investigative piece of journalism to see where that graciously given money goes and where else or what else it might be better aimed at if ever we are to truly want a cure for cancer.

The body doesn't develop cancer because of a lack of a chemotherapy drug!!! In the same way that we don't develop so called high cholesterol because we lack a statin.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Parents Rights - States Wrongs

The Story of Neon Roberts, the 7 year old who has been forcibly taken from his mother to undergo  radiation for a brain tumour that was operated on previously,  must surely be setting off alarm bells in the hearts of every parent or sensible adult.

This is an almost unbelievable story that we have been made aware off as the judge allowed the details of mother and child to be made public so as to assist in the location of both mother and child .The mother had taken the child away as she didn't want him to endure the radiotherapy.

There are so many levels on which this is wrong that it is hard to know where to start.

Firstly we have a sick child, that right now needs his mum. What he doesn't need is the stress that the state are placing on this child and the anxiety that this is causing to him.
There is absolutely no way that the medical profession can say hand on heart that the radiotherapy will save his life, in fact the consequences of treating a brain tumour in this way are hideous and it most certainly is not without the most awful side effects.

If the prognosis of this child's health is not good, then surely it is about quality of life, and not quantity or the states arrogance at believing it knows best.

The trauma this mother must be going through right now is beyond imagination and the lack of compassion from the law is terrifying - where is the law of common sense and parental rights.
Where does this state intervention stop.

Whether you agree of disagree with the court ruling on this particular issue, think of  a situation of which you hold a strong view on what is right for your child, then think how you would react if that went against what the state determined to be right for your child. It might be that you don't want your child to be vaccinated or receive a blood transfusion or any number of scenarios that parents everyday, take a decision on.

In terms of our children's health, it should come down to the parents right to determine what they feel that child can endure against the possible outcome or benefits to that child's life.

Are we all going to be forced to take our children to the doctors every time they are ill rather than do what good parents do and look after them and let them rest and in the vast vast majority of cases, get better of their own accord or will we have to take them to the GP so they can be prescribed something that they don't need, like antibiotics for a virus.

May be vitamins will be outlawed for children, these vital minerals that are found in our food that we all need to survive, but are warned off from taking by doctors or advised to not go over the ludicrous RDA amounts, which of course are so low that vitamins can seem ineffective at those doses ( that's for another blog)
You might find yourself arrested for giving your child supplements and not prescribed medication - might sound far fetched, but it could happen, we have some pretty daft laws on the books and drug companies are powerful lobbyists who make a lot of money for the share holders!

No money in vitamins - no patent, so no huge profit.

So we could very easily find that the state starts interfering in our health choices as adults, so what chance our children have.

I would have done just the same as this mother, I couldn't bare to watch the effects of radiotherapy on my son, and especially as the evidence for its effectiveness is so poor.

I would want to explore all other options and would be looking to Burzynski's work in Texas.

We are living in a culture of fear.

The medical profession act in fear, what if they don't do blah blah blah....

The parents are made to feel fear.....what if they don't agree to have.......

All the time who gets rich out of this fear culture - those that want to sell the drug that might do......

Well this is not the way health works.  Operating from a fear basis is creating stress on all.

As parents we have to take responsibility for our children, we mustn't look to blame when things go wrong unless real negligence can be proven.

Doctors have got to be free to respect parents decisions and not act like 'god' as if they have the ultimate knowledge, which i'm sure all good doctors know they don't.
This is about sensible discussion on the best outcome, and that is never going to be one that was forced on anyone.

A parents right over their child's health has got to be sacrosanct, we are not talking about a lack of care of basic needs here, malnutrition etc, we are looking at an informed parent who has made a decision based on facts and her love for her child.  This is a heart breaking decision that no parent wants to face and right now state intervention has made that situation worse for all concerned.

And we should all be concerned!

Lots written about the UK being ruled by the European state, well how much influence over our individual choices does our own government control - we want freedom from Europe, many say, but we are letting our freedoms be eroded by our own government.

The sadness of Neon Roberts situation is actually highlighting a far bigger picture right now that if we ignore, we could well come to regret.

In the US, many states have compulsory vaccinations - now why is that?  It is a given that the effectiveness of vaccines is suspect to say the least, their own history shows that, but remember how powerful the drug company lobbyists are and governments only know what drug companies tell them, who is putting the other side? Who is making the profit....of course, those that are advising governments on the need for their vaccines.....says it all really doesn't it?

Well let this be one thing that doesn't cross the pond!

We all need to be aware of how governments use fear to erode our liberties and done in the right way, we can find ourselves even agreeing to give them up on the smallest of problems. State control and big brother are here, but do we want it? and do want it on our health choices?

Never mind Europe, we have control plenty coming from our own fear inducing system we elect.

So Neon Roberts terribly sad situation should be making us aware of a very big issue here.

Mine and many other parents hearts must be going out to his mother right now.