Saturday, 14 March 2015

Since when is a Blue Badge conceding defeat!

Have to get this off my chest-I just read on the BBC website a quote from Nigel Farage....

''After the air accident Mr Farage was told that he could be signed off as partially disabled, but he said that having a blue badge would be "conceding defeat".''

Shameful to even suggest a blue badge is 'conceding defeat'  to many,a blue badge is the complete opposite to that.....It enables people who would otherwise be more restricted, to get to where they need to go and be able to park near enough to be able to go about their business, very often on their own and sometimes allowing others to help them get out and about.

Conceding defeat is an awful term to link in any small way to someone restricted by a disability.  

Clearly Mr Farage doesn't need one then,  but not everyone is that lucky and needs that little bit of help so they can have a near as poss, equal access as an able bodied person.

A 'grown up'society should not see illness and disability as a problem, more of an opportunity to put the right things in place to help everyone maintain their life to the full.  Even the able bodied need that in other ways. 

So people taking up the services they need to help them get on with their lives is far from conceding defeat - quite the opposite...Society should make the 'playing field' as level as it can and there is no stigma in using the services to help you get on with life.

But such comments could be very telling of the mindset of this Mr Farage.

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