Saturday, 23 May 2015

Monsanto 2015 - Did it make the BBC news?

People in 452 cities across the world today, marched and demonstrated against the giant corporation - Monsanto. The third year this global event has taken place and people around the world are encouraging us all to wake up and make sure we all say no to Monsanto and their GM crops.
In a small country such as Britain, a GM crop here would soon contaminate may crops around it and very soon we could see no GM free land here.

There is no credible argument for GM crops...we certainly do not need a GM wheat crop here or GM potatoes or any other GM for that matter.

This is going to solve food shortage apparently...why then if we have food shortage, is a supermarkert in the North of the UK using its waste food to turn into a biofuel to power the supermarket and a few thousand of the surrounding homes...we are wasting food and using it to make fuel...Does that indicate a food shortage?  We have a food distribution problem not a shortage. We waste in the region of 25% of food.

If food is in such short supply, why do we suddenly have crop growing fields turned into solar farms, with solar panels stretching across vast stretches of land in our high agriculture area where I live. Why are we seeing wind farms on arable land? And why are we producing fields of Rape seed? can not live by rape seed alone...or woman for that matter! And actually we managed to live without rapeseed almost hidden into every pre packed food. - Avoiding that is another story!
But if we are told the GMO is the answer to our food shortage, then I think that doesn't stack up.
If this is yet another greedy corporate giant that has found a way to patten 'nature' (in its twisted form) then be honest about it.  The tell the public that you want food control and at any cost and you don't care who you screw over in the process.

If food is in such short supply, should we really see so many fast food outlets on every high street in the land. We have food coming at us from every direction. During the war, food was in short supply and yet people were at there healthiest. There wasn't the abundance of beef and chicken to be turned into some quick snack/poor nutrition food..So what is the real reason we are heading for GM food?

Funny how nature never needed a lab to provide all she has provided and never needed a lab to design life giving

What can't be good is to let patented seeds, genetically modified, be swept across our lands.

What is really odd about today's events and of the past 2 years, is that this global event gets a media blackout....If I search the BBC news site - it takes me to an article from the first march in 2013...nothing since.

Thanks to the TV station, Russia Today - news of all the marches around the world got reported

Shame on the BBC - The Worlds BBC?

Well done to all that attended these events around the globe - and thank you!

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